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Saturday, April 24, 2004
Honor killings have come to the U. S. of A.

Bad Pun Time

I've got my blogroll right there. Please pass the butter.
Redoing and increasing my blogroll

Allah is in the House A sometimes funny, sometimes simply weird, blog by one claiming to be Allah
Barking Moonbat Early Warning System Just what it says.
Belmont Club Essays on world affairs.
Bleat, the Random, funny "bleats" about life and such.
Birding Babylon A soldier reports the birds he's seen in Iraq.
Blue Sky Plans Brainstorming by my father.
Dhimmi Watch Watch us accommodate the Islamofascists.
Eject! Eject! Eject! Commentary and essays.
Gehn233 Blog r.e. Gehn's Ages in the Myst series.
Healing IraqLife as observed by an Iraqi dentist.
I don't know My father's blog. Books, politics, and all sorts of other topics.
Instapundit Described by Fred Pruitt as "The UberBlogger." Nearly everyone links to him.
iowahawk Satire blog.
LGF Watch Watch Keeping an eye on LGF Watch, which is dishonest in its slamming of…
Little Green Footballs Lets tyrants and their useful idiots have it with both barrels.
M---- in France Commentary r.e. la France. C'est bilingue. Static now.
Moore Watch Refuting Mendacious Mike.
¡No Pasarán! Where M---- in France moved to.
Rantburg News Blog. I've posted some articles to it.
Sacred Cow Burgers A visual humor blog.
ScrappleFace Scott Ott and his Cast Ast of Thousands Ousands give us a conservative Onion.
Sgt. Stryker's Daily Briefing Military bloggers.
Wednesday, April 21, 2004
Bad Pun Time

Is the brightest of birds the bulb-ul?
Saturday, April 17, 2004
Exit Rantissi

Saturday, April 10, 2004
LotR anti-war slogans

What would ANSWER et al be saying in III 3019 on Planet Arda?

Aragorn is Castamir!
Free Mordor!
Elrond lied, people died!
Armenelosism is racism!
No more Valinor!
No blood for mithril!
Overthrow Aragorn!
The Nazgûl chief was assassinated!
You armed Sauron, remember?
Bad Pun Time

If you focus sunlight onto the Bleached Tricolor, is that a French Fry?

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