The Basement Burrow
Sunday, October 26, 2003
Arab Bloc Hamanism Watch

I am totally at a loss for words here.

Hat tip LGF.
Saturday, October 11, 2003
.Sora(and I wish that were an option for our foreign policy!)

I'll start this blog with an old MREDU song I wrote last november. This song reflects Achanar's opinion, not mine.

"Blue Guy"
As sung by Achenar
To the tune of "Blue Skies" by Irving Berlin

Blue guy
Woe is me
Naught but a blue guy
Will I be

All in red
And both of us are
Good as dead

For The Stranger was way too bright
Even to think that we were all right.
Never to enslave another Age
Man it fills me with unbearable rage

Blue pa-
ges are all gone
I'll be a blue guy
From now on.

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